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Centre for Applied Technology Research

FuncionalST's project is strongly committed to investing in Research and Development of innovative technology with environmental concern and that balances the needs of human life with the environment. Our goal is to found a scientific / technological research centre dedicated, not exclusively, to the study of magnetic fields and all their possibilities. This centre is intended to be a reference in the study of magnetic fields.

With great concern to establish a strong relationship between the Research environment and the market (business environment), but without losing the character and independence necessary for the development and research work that is the basis of the project. Indeed this is one of our objectives, to develop applied technology with a strong rate of implementation and consequent success. This is the only way to attract private and/or fund investment or even patronage! The academic environment will in no way be forgotten being accepted any idea regardless of its origin!

Bridges with Portuguese universities in a first phase will be a base that we will want to strengthen with common research projects. Polytechnic Institutes will also be welcome partners. Other centres and/or institutes will also be targets of protocols and understandings creating an atmosphere of development, sharing and innovation. At the international level we are counting on joint research with institutes in Brazil and Cuba, which will be disseminated in due course. This will be a research centre that, even though it is born from FuncionalST, will want to be independent and that can be financed autonomously. FuncionalST holds the priority of the technologies developed, except those that may be sponsored by a private entity, but duly approved by FuncionalST.

Finally we aim to put our research centre in the route of the best that is done in the world and that can be a reference in the study of magnetic fields!

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