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Based on electromagnetic technology we developed the topical treatment unit.

This is designed to treat different skin pathologies, and infections caused by viruses and bacteria.

It is based on the property that water has, as well as certain liquids, to store, transport and conduct static charges generated by variable sources of energy as well as the capacity to generate negative ions, which when controlled by pulsating and electromagnetic force fields, determine the power, frequency, orientation and exposure time.

All this process makes the ionic charges the correct and necessary ones to act in the elimination and destruction of all kinds of viruses and bacteria that are found in the Epidermes, Dermes, and Hypodermes or subcutaneous layer. Eliminating, the bacteria and viruses that cause the pathology, and restoring the cellular balance of the whole affected area.

We believe the time has come to use physical medicine to eradicate viral and bacteriological infections acquired by humans.

Using only electromagnetic force fields with variable wave lengths in time and space. With very low frequencies in the pulsing fields of the received echoes.

We intend to demonstrate the efficiency of the electromagnetic system with regard to the elimination of all types of coliforms, viruses and bacteria.

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