Clean Energy

In the current world panorama, the demand for a reduction in energy consumption associated with fossil fuels has prompted numerous responses from society around the world. On the one hand, through the use of renewable energies, on the other hand, through the development of innovative technologies that optimize energy without harming the environment.

Thus, the challenge today is to begin a process of transition towards a more sustainable energy model, less dependent on fossil fuels, without this having any influence on social and economic development. Associated with this problem is the continuing growth in the use of cars, particularly in developing countries, with harmful consequences for the environment.

It is in this context that at FuncionalST we have invested in innovation and exclusivity, based on years of research work, we have created solutions that generate energy through electromagnetic technology, thus competing with the most advanced in the world.


Transform Kinetic Energies into Electric Energy!

There are several kinetic forces available on our planet, but in this project we will address what is known as "Moving Masses" (Traffic of vehicles through cities and roads). We know that every body that moves has a kinetic energy! On the ground this type of energy is usable through the technology developed by FuncionalST Energy Solutions.

From a theoretical point of view it is possible to take advantage of any type of movement, be it horizontal, vertical, on the roads, by the movements of vehicles or even people walking under signs located on pavements or at the entrances and exits of car parks, airports or large shopping centers.

Based on the studies and research carried out, we have created the DropWay® Energy signs.


DropWay Energy

DropWay energy plates when they are stepped on by vehicles, or people, generate electric current that the system accumulates enabling it to be used at night to illuminate cities, we can also use it on public transport powered by electricity.

The option taken is clearly and unequivocally electromagnetic which allows our products to generate more energy, compared to competing technology, and present lower costs in our products, thus allowing our customers to have a faster payback of their investments.

Our potential customers will be entities that protect roads and highways, car parks, shopping centres, public transport stations, gymnasiums or discotheques, that is to say, all places with a large influx of people or vehicles and with energy needs. Reducing your electricity bill is the great benefit that our system promises, since all these spaces will be able to generate a significant part of the energy they consume.


Design Solutions

Our bet is on electromagnetic technology and although there are some competitors in the international "energy harvesting" market, whose products are based on piezoelectric technology - different from that used by FuncionalST - the greatest triumph is precisely the technology used, exclusive and innovative.

The option taken by our principal researcher is clearly and unequivocally electromagnetic, which allows our products to generate more energy compared to competing technology and to present lower costs, thus allowing our customers to have a faster payback of their investments.

We generate clean energy, at the lowest cost and inexhaustible!

We work for a healthier planet!

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