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Company founded in March 2016, with headquarters in Braga, with the objective of designing, building, installing and providing technical assistance to industrial and domestic wastewater treatment systems (ETARI), also including disinfection systems for hospital and similar contaminated waters and treatment systems for industrial and human consumption water (ETA). Another bet is on the environmental remediation of water bodies.

FuncionalST®, a private limited company, has, as since the beginning, a team made up of staff trained in engineering and complementary areas, with constant updating of its know-how to respond quickly and efficiently to all the requests of the global market.

We highlight the importance given to R&DT, with a dedicated and very active department, having in its team an experienced responsible researcher, recognized with a Nobel Prize in Physics nomination, with its own dedicated laboratory, permanent internal R&DT projects and in partnership with other institutions.

Focusing on the water core-business, the emphasis is on innovative technology, with exclusive rights to exploit the patent, with environmental concern, adding a wider range of solutions for the entire sector. FST energySolutions renewable energies area, with dropWAY® technology intends to revolutionize and lead the sector of clean and "eco-friendly" energy production. FST healthSolutions® with innovative solutions in the area of cell rejuvenation and topical treatment using electro magnetic resonance technology.

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